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Bike Service at Hand
The app concept allowing to go through all the steps
of the Design Thinking process.
Users Interviews
Key issues definition
Hi-fidelity designs
Project Type
Study case
Release Date
December 2020
30 days
The Statement
Usually, people do not want to repair their bicycles, especially if something broke
on the way.

At the empathy phase I understand the issue well because as a cyclist I know users' pain.

So, definition, creation, testing and iteration
phases of Design Thinking are below.
Preparing directions. Definition phase.
Spotlighting How Might We's on the Customer Journey Map.
Filtering Ideas with effort / impact matrix and MOSCOW method as well.
The phase starts with hypotheses
based on the most essential user needs
'Red Button' for users
who need a repair ASAP
Unlimited repair
for subscribed users
Request for a planned maintenance
Quick access to support
using a chat
The prototype was tested qualitatively. Remote user interviews allow to collect very powerful insights for the next iteration.
Insight 1
Users were frustrated following the requests in grid
Insight 2
Different experience was expected for date / time picker
Insight 3
Final action was not obvious
The Design Thinking approach is an incredible way to understand the real user issues. It helps to generate ideas very precisely and quickly, extracting the most valuable solutions in a couple of sprints. Definitely, Design Thinking is one of the most important tools
for a great UX designer.
The Social App
A new player on the market raising up its own segment.
Test hypotheses
Provide functional
Work on feedback
UI and assets
Project Type
Working startup
Jan 2020 — Present
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App store
The Challenge
The app is spreading now looking for new directions. That's a big challenge for a UX designer to save current experience and test new hypotheses at the same time.
Core Functional
The combination of geofence technology and social media platform — the app provides activities where people can communicate.
The Experiments
Hypotheses tested looking for user's approval
Personal protection option allowing to see alerts created by others or upload your own.
Activity Seekers
Changing the explore screen, providing activity categories
and convenient search.
Live Events
Remote access to the events and their media. Users can be with their family during the pandemic.
Event Planner
Focus on the wedding planning. Manage guests and save media archives.
Work on content life cycles and ranging mechanisms.
Stacked Experiences
Media on the timeline, located in the current place like a family house, for example.
Test is the only way to try ideas. Sometimes raw solutions work better than polished mockups if the goal is to get feedback asap. Working on this project phase taught me to find and expand the potential of ideas this way.
Geospatial App
Australian GIS service helping surveyors to put tons
of documents in the pocket tool.

User flows
App interface
Data design
Design ecosystem
Project Type
Working startup
2018 — 2019
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App store
The Challenge
The task is to change the suveyours' work process.
The old way was based on government sources only,
it meant unclear status of objects, many corrections and
a lot of paperwork. To develop a new way I had to learn
the whole process and build a solution there.
The Solution
The App as a service that provides all marks on the map, allows to get the most accurate data, re-organise the work process and make surveyors more than happy.
The Spotlight
Designs are prepared for real-life conditions. Sizes and contrasts matter as they never did before
Working with the user flows
I was optimising screens and actions needed to achieve the user goals
The ecosystem allowed to use the same components and behaviour patterns for iOS, Android and web
As a Result
I helped to create a huge cross-platform service covering surveyors' most essential needs. With my help we expanded the service from a local startup to the national app. Now it covers all Australia. Several months after the launch 60% surveyors of Queensland were using the service.
The important thing — users are really passionate about Benchmrk,
as it simplifies their work and saves time.

Conversion Rate
Growing eCommerce revenue improving user experience.
Heuristic analysis
Heat map analysis
User interviews
Defining hypotheses
Providing concepts

Google analytics

2019 — 2020
The Process
I joined the team as a UX Designer and worked with their clients helping to improve KPIs.

I found insights, prepared concepts, controlled realisation and crossed fingers
for A/B tests. Then the steps were methodically repeated.
CASE 1/2
6.9% ARPU growth as a result of the product page optimisation for a jewellery store.
CASE 2/2
Increasing monthly revenue of the product landing page.
Somnifix is a solution for people who have problems with snoring. The landing page is attracting people from different sources. Reviewing user behaviour I spotlighted the fact that around 30% users didn't reach the product page at all.

The hypothesis that tested was to provide the product page and not interrupt the user from getting the information they came for at the same time. Quick view of the product is available like a slide-in overlay. This solution in a coupe with other optimisations bring x3 of monthly revenue.
Very impressed by the speed and efficiency of the team's work. All the proposed changes and updates are always backed by data, not by assumptions. Since we've started working together in August 2019, the UX of our website has vastly improved and our monthly revenue has increased by 200 % (tripled).
Nich Michalak
Founder, Somnifix (USA)
It was an incredible experience to work with quantitative data. Interesting and very useful part was to know real users and predict their behaviour preparing and testing hypotheses for A/B.
Hi, I am Arkadiy, a UX designer who is built on a strong UI foundation,
keeping an eye on users' needs.

I am always learning, looking for inspiration and passionate about new challenges.
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